What is Planned Giving?

Planned Giving provides a permanent legacy for our synagogue that outlasts all other forms of giving. Generous gifts are prudently invested to provide income for many needs of the congregation including Jewish enrichment experiences for our children, recognition of life cycle events, Jewish learning, and enhancement of other programs.

Why should you contribute?

We cannot depend on dues and fees alone to fully fund our synagogue, school, infrastructure, and programs in the future. Planned Giving creates opportunities for us to educate the next generation, and leave Etz Chaim a little better than we each found it. Your donation will open new doors, create new experiences and help assure that our congregation will grow and flourish for years to come. It will do this and much more with your participation and your gift.

Will you join us?

Will you join us to insure that Congregation Etz Chaim’s mission prospers well into the future?
Please contact the synagogue office for further details on how you can help.
Call: 630-627-3912
Email: cec.foundation@congetzchaim.org
Visit: the synagogue website